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July 2015 update
First draft plans for the new play area (Powerpoint)

Whiteley Town Council is working on a project to provide an extension to a very popular play area on Meadowside Recreation Ground to make more provision for children with additional needs. We would like to engage with as many children and parents as possible to achieve the best results for everyone.

We anticipate the play area will serve a very wide area, it is close to the new shopping centre in Whiteley which is highly accessible for all visitors and is becoming a very popular destination. If you have friends or family who might enjoy the new facilities please ask them to take part in the project.

 We will be looking for ideas and opinions through online surveys, emails, workshops and through our Facebook Group Extraordinary Parks which everyone is welcome to join.

Please contact the Town Council with your email address townclerk@whiteleytowncouncil.co.uk or join the Facebook Group to help us design the best possible play area for everyone.

Check out this YouTube video for inspiration!