Whiteley Town Council

Full Council Minutes

The Town Council meets every month with the exception of August.
Meeting dates can be viewed using the link on the left menu, the meeting calendar is also available to print.

Agendas and minutes of previous meetings are placed on the website at least three days before the meeting and are also posted on the Town Council notice boards at Meadowside Leisure Centre, Leafy Lane, Thyme Avenue and Marjoram Way.

Please contact the Clerk should you need any additional information.

  8th January  
  5th February  
  5th March  
2015 2016 2017
5th January 4th January 9th January
2nd February 1st February 6th February
2nd March 7th March 6th March 
13th April 4th April 3rd April
11th May 9th May 8th May
1st June 6th June 5th June
6th July 4th July 3rd July
7th September 5th September 4th September
5th October 3rd October 2nd October
2nd November 7th November 6th November
7th December 5th December 4th December
2012 2013 2014
9th January 7th January 6th January
6th February 4th February 3rd February
5th March 4th March 3rd March
2nd April  8th April 7th April
14th May AGM 13th May 12th May
11th June 3rd June 2nd June
2nd July 1st July 28th July
3rd September 9th September 8th September
1st October 7th October 6th October
5th November 4th November 3rd November
  2nd December 1st December
2009 2010 2011
5th January 4th January 10th January
2nd March 1st February 7th February
6th April 1st March 7th March
11th May AGM 12th April 4th April
1st June 4th May AGM 9th May AGM
6th July 7th June 6th June
16th September 5th July 4th July
5th October 6th September 5th September
2nd November 4th October 3rd October
8th December 1st November 7th November
  6th December 5th December