Whiteley Town Council

How the Town Council Works

The Town Council comprises 11 Councillors who are elected every four years.

The Town Council is bound by its constitution or Standing Orders, Committee Terms of Reference and also its Finance Regulations. It operates within the requirements of the Freedom of Information Act 2000. See the Policies and Procedures link for further details and to view adopted documents.

Councillors are unpaid and are governed by a mandatory code of conduct which includes obligations to act in an appropriate manner and completing a register of interests.

Each Town or Parish Council differs in the work it carries out, the majority of the work carried out by Whiteley Town Council is through its committees: Finance, Recreation & General Purpose, Highways & Transport, Planning and Strategic Development & Policy.

The committees report to the Full Council with their recommendations.

The menu on the left provides an outline of the duties of the Council and committees together with minutes of meetings.

The Town Council works within the framework of its agreed Strategy, Key Objectives policies and procedures.

Dates of meetings can be found using the left hand menu.

Members of the public are always welcome to attend Full Council and committee meetings.