Whiteley Town Council

Town Council Adopted Strategies, Procedures and Policies

The Town Council works within the framework of its adopted strategies, procedures and policies.

Councillors' Register of Pecuniary Interests  
Declaration of acceptance of office  
Information for new councillors pdf  
Information for new councillors Word doc  
Policy and Strategy Procedures and Guidance
2017/18 Town Council Strategy Council role profiles
  Standing Orders
  Finance Regulations
  Operational Structure
  Committee Terms of Reference
  Complaints Procedure
  Equality and Diversity Policy

Child and Vulnerable Adults Protection Policy

  Community Engagement Strategy
  Training Strategy
  Grant Policy and Application Form
  Town Council Information Guide
  Code of Conduct
Highways Strategy Document retention policy
  Anti-fraud & corruption policy
  Allowances Panel Parish Report
Travel expense claim  
  Pointers to Good Practice
  Good Councillor Guide
Clerk's job description