Whiteley Town Council

Recreation and General Purposes Committe

The Recreation and General Purposes Committee keeps an eye on the maintenance of the green spaces, recreation ground and play areas.

This committee helps to oversee the use of the skatepark, tennis courts and multi use games area behind the Meadowside Leisure Centre to ensure the interests of residents and young people are respected.

This Committee also receives the projects that can't be allocated to the other committees! Minutes of recent meetings are available to view below.

2009 onwards

27th February    
16th April    
14th May    
25th June    
17th September    
15th October    
19th November    
2005 2006 2007
21st February 22nd March  16th May
10th April 24th May 20th June
15th June 27th September 18th July
19th October   26th September
14th September   24th October
16th November   21st November
19th December
2004 GP 2004 Recreation 2004
11th February 11th February 23rd June
14th April 1st March 14th July
24th May 24th May 1st September
    29th September
    21st October
    24th November
  2003 Recreation 2003 GP
  24th September 10th September