Whiteley Town Council


Mike Evans

Mike Evans

67 Rattigan Gardens Whiteley PO15 7EB
Tel 01489 481365
Email Cllr Evans
Council Chairman
Chairman of Strategic Development and Policy Committee
David Jenkins

David Jenkins

52 Sorrel Drive Whiteley PO15 7JL
Tel 01489 480273
Email Cllr Jenkins
Council Vice-Chairman
Chairman of Planning Committee
Vice-Chairman of Recreation and GP Committee


Vivian Achwal

Vivian Achwal

92 Saffron Way Whiteley PO15 7LW
Tel 01489 570199
Email Cllr Achwal

Andy Baker

1 Thyme Avenue Whiteley PO15 7NB
Tel 077 9083 5478
Email Cllr Baker
Chairman of Recreation and GP Committee
Vice-Chairman of Planning Committee
Colin Bielckus

Colin Bielckus

1 Silvertrees Lady Betty's Drive Whiteley PO15 6RJ
Tel 01489 580433
Email Cllr Bielckus
Chairman of Finance Committee

Cllr Malcolm Butler 

Malcolm Butler

6 Woodland House, Maple Rise, Whiteley PO15 7GW
Tel 07756 283768
Email Cllr Butler
Chairman of Highways and Transport Committee
Vice Chairman of Finance Committee
Hazel Croft-Phillips

Hazel Croft-Phillips

42 Lipizzaner Fields, Whiteley PO15 7BH
Tel 01489 603255
Email Cllr Croft-Phillips
Tree Warden, Rights of Way and Climate Change representative

Nick Hurst

81 Saffron Way, Whiteley PO15 7LN 
Tel 01489 570321
Email Cllr Hurst
Cllr Morene Pinder

Morene Pinder

20 Java Drive, Whiteley PO15 7DL
Tel 01489 565038
Email Cllr Pinder
Cllr Bernie-Rainer Guy

Bernie Rainer Guy

32 Thyme Avenue Whiteley PO17 7NA
Tel 07736 939279
Email Cllr Rainer-Guy
Pat Thew

Pat Thew

52 Thyme Avenue Whiteley PO15 7GE
tel 01489 571463
Email Cllr Thew
Vice-Chairman of Highways and Transport Committee


Nicki Oliver Town Clerk

Heatherdene, Turkey Island, Shedfield, Southampton SO32 2JE
Email Nicki Oliver
tel 01329 835019

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