Whiteley Town Council

Meeting Agendas

Meeting agendas are posted on the website and notice boards at least three days before the relevant meeting. If there are any problems please contact the Clerk

7.15pm Monday 3rd July Full Council
7pm Wednesday 21st June Recreation and GP Committee
8pm 21st June Planning Committee
8.15pm 21st June Highways Committee CANCELLED
8.45pm 21st June SDP Committee
7.15pm Monday 5th June Full Council
7pm Wednesday 17th May Planning Committee
7.30pm 17th May Recreation and GP Committee
8pm 17th May Finance Committee
8.30pm 17th May SDP Committee
7.15pm Monday 8th May Full Council AGM
7pm Wednesday 19th April Recreation and GP Committee
7.30pm 19th April Planning Committee
8pm 19th April SDP Committee
7.15pm Monday 3rd April Full Council
7pm Wednesday 15th March Planning Committee
7.20pm 15th March Highways Committee
8pm 15th March Recreation and GP Committee
7.15pm Monday 6th March Full Council
7pm Wednesday 15th February Planning Committee
7.45pm 15th February Recreation and GP Committee
8.15pm 15th February Finance Committee
8.45pm 15th February SDP Committee
7pm Monday 13th February meeting for Bluebell Way residents see invitation for details
7.15pm Monday 6th February Full Council
7pm Wednesday 18th January Planning Committee
7. 15pm 18th January Highways Committee
7.45pm 18th January Recreation and GP Committee
8.15pm SDP 18th January Committee
7.15pm Monday 9th January Full Council